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             Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Wives Association or formerly called The Supreme Command Headquarters Wives Association was organized in 1978 as a small group of wives whose husband served in military at the Supreme Command Headquarters by Khunying Sangduean Na Nakorn, wife of General Serm Na Nakorn who was a Supreme Commander at the time.

             It is a private non-profit association established to form a group of military spouses who have faith and volunteer to offer their comfort, support, propose and promote career opportunity to the friend and family of the service men to improve the quality of family life by using their leisure time to utmost advantage.

                After a period of operation, later Khunying Pankrua Yongchaiyudh recognized the importance and that the wives of association should be given respect and honor, therefore the Supreme Command Headquarters had prepared a petition to The Secretary General of the National Cultural Commission (ONCC) to approve the establishment of and be recognized as The Supreme Command Headquarters Wives Association (SCHWA) on 27th November 1987.

             The chairman of the association would be led by the wife of the Commander in Chief at the period of time.